A Ragamuffin Poem

BeFunky Collage Muffin & Cassie

Muffin was a Ragamuffin
quite unlike any other cat; 
he wasn’t very good at climbing, 
as his belly was far too fat.

It swung from side to side, 
when he ran towards a tree; 
then when he'd jump, he'd fall with a thump 
and lick at his poor, bruised knees. 

The other cats would watch from above,laughing and making fun of him; 
they called him the chubby tree-huggerthat needed to go to the cat gym.

Muffin couldn’t change his belly,
he was simply born that way;
along with odd coloured whiskers, 
and four paws that were a light, whitish grey.

Friendly, cute and caring, 
he didn’t like to hunt; 
he preferred chasing feathers and dust
and sleeping by the porch front.

The other cats would watch from above,laughing and making fun of him: Why are you so bad at chasing mice?” they would tease, 
and not let him play or join in.

As the years went by, he grew quite large; 
much bigger and heavier than the rest:Almost as big as a lion!” humans would say; 
all agreeing he was their most favourite pet!

The humans clapped and cheered for him, 
and stroked his long brown fur; 
Muffin would smile proudly
and let out a big roaring purrrrrrrrrrrrr!

When Cassie the puppy arrived late May,
Muffin was quite shocked and scared!
Soon they would bundle and play fight all day; 
they made a rather wonderful pair. 

Cassie may have been a dog 
that sniffed and barked too much, 
but they grew to be the best of friends; 
trusting of each other and in love. 

Cassie didn't care that Muffin 
was afraid of rain and grass; 
she didn't tease him like the other cats, 
or look at his belly and laugh.

Cassie couldn't climb either, 
and didn't hunt birds or mice; 
Cassie liked playing ball and chase, 
and protecting Muffin at night.

One day the other cats met Cassie, 
and Cassie didn't give them a bite; 
Muffin gave them a lick on the ear 
and said, "We can play nicely, if you would like?"

From that day on they were all close friends - 
Cassie, Muffin and the cats. 
The cats said sorry for being so mean 
and felt bad they couldn't take it all back.

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