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Personalised Handcrafted Book Stacks

Welcome to the Art for Sale page featuring the Once Upon A Stack range!

I started creating origami book stacks several years ago, after my mum bought me a huge box of Japanese origami paper for my birthday. I wasn’t very good at folding birds or dinosaurs or planes, and even with a wad of instructional books, I was beginning to conclude origami wasn’t my thing. I had been painting acrylic book stacks for a year or so by that point and pondered whether I could replicate the style in paper. I made one last folding attempt – a book… I have been folding books ever since: big ones, small ones, slim and fat ones, and all lovingly stacked with super duper powerful finger sticking glue.

How do I order a personalised Once Upon A Stack frame?

If you are interested in buying a personalised origami book stack frame, please fill in an expression of interest form below.

How can I personalise the range of books in the stack?

No two origami book frames will ever be the same. Each project is unique and can include up to 10 of your chosen favourite books in the stack. Based on your book and genre preferences, I like to suprise buyers and include a few additional titles that reflect your reading choices.

Although you can choose up to 10 books in your stack, you may only have one special book. I have created a range of single book framed projects for those book lovers loyal to one title. You can be your own author and provide a personalised title and author name; a love story for your significant other; or maybe a tragic comedy for your best friend.

Commissioned project prices are based on the time invested in creation and can range between £30-£80.

You may wish the origami spines and covers to closely match the design, font and colours on your chosen books. I will accommodate your wishes as best as I can! You will see on my existing Once Upon A Stack selection that the spines may differ slightly from the original book. Often this is because I am working in miniature and tweak the designs to ensure the book title is clearly visible (without a mega magnifying glass). As I like to work with Japanese origami designs, the “filler books” are usually very colourful. If you would prefer a more classical collection of books, I can use alternative paper.

The design surrounding the books – this is usually the biggest surprise of all and I will try to match the props and crafts to your desired theme.

To personalise your Once Upon A Stack frame, I will need the following:

-The Stack: Provide a list of max x10 of your favourite book titles.

-The Background: Provide your favourite genre and some helpful key facts about you for extra personalisation.

-The Frame – Choose colour.

– Additional Info – Include details of any specific designs, colours, style that you would like included.

How much does it cost?

Prices range from £20-£80

How long does a Once Upon A Stack project take to create?

It will take a maximum of 4 working weeks to research, fold, and sculpt the books. A workerbee by day, I use every spare moment on the train, at lunch, during meetings (sshh our little secret) or whilst watching TV to create! If you commute in London, you may well find a trail of colourful paper and folded pages on a train seat. 3-4 weeks is the absolute maximum to allow me enough time to ensure the quality of your personalised Once Upon A Stack frame and allow for postage time.


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Expression of Interest Form

I will respond to all requests and enquiries within 24 hours. I am happy to discuss via email or over the phone your exact requirements to ensure you are entirely happy with the final canvas product.




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